TEXT as a machine

Details, FHM and Zoo are joining Nuts and Loaded in a string of decisions by […]

Interactive Nudity

It seems that the lads’ magazine faces an inescapable fall, as FHM and Zoo have […]

Bye Bye Hollywood

1.26 billion cinema tickets were purchased in 2014, which is the historically lowest number since […]

Art Collectors

When the most valuable Picassos owned by the Goetz Family finally went to auction in […]

Nietzsche & Uber

Among many of the meaningless problems that the adorable whiskery German has pondered upon┬áduring his […]



Genius of Google Defining Google allows one to understand the phenomenon of knowing that is […]

The Cohort

A whole 3 years have gone by since Facebook acquired Instagram and the App still […]

Is Human Work in Danger?

Digital technologies are undergoing something of a heyday. Big news about happening in the Tech […]